“Sacred Words” is a series of metaphysical works on paper, created as meditative lenses to focus our awareness and lift our spirits.

The pictures draw on the power of words and the language of world religions. All are prayers, either conveying secular inspirations or interfaith supplications.

The medium is ink and oil pastels, on paper that I treat with ancient, biblical and essential oils, including frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, Lourdes Holy Water and styllingia. While working, I listen to sacred music from around the world – sounds and sound frequencies to raise levels of consciousness.

“Sacred Words” is inspired by the work of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, David R. Hawkins’ matrix of levels of consciousness, Rupert Sheldrake’s concepts of morphic resonance, Don Campbell’s treatise on the Mozart effect, and neuropsychologist Dr. Kurt Ebert’s acupuncture for the mind.