“Upon first view of Krista Bard’s art, your senses commingle immediately. Sight and scent reach the viewer in tandem and carry you through a journey mapped by the rhythm of her calligraphy; punctuated by the spirituality of her chosen words. The depth of her inspiration whispers at your subconscious causing one to relax and enjoy the vision that often radiates from a delicate drop of color in which shadows float away from impact. A sense of calm dominates as a result of the image and fragrance Krista Bard chooses to embellish in her work. The total experience lasts long after the first encounter.” -James R. Borynack, CEO, Wally Findlay Galleries

“Inspiration is so needed in the world today. Krista Bard’s new series ‘Sacred Words’ is a refreshing exploration and celebration of spirit. It looks like nothing I have seen before. The form created by the words seems to vibrate with energy; and the words themselves draw you into a thoughtful state. The Hope for Depression Research Foundation is committed to finding a cure, so that the indomitable spirit in everyone can soar. The work ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ is a centerpiece to the exhibit and a moving icon for HDRF.” - Audrey B. Gruss, Founder & Chairman HDRF

“Her work is terrific.” - Daniel Patrick, New York Social Diary

“Uplifting and mystical.” - The Palm Beach Daily News




"Krista Bard's paintings offered yet another sign to give these prayers my time. But the beauty of her work lies beyond the meditative trace of her liturgical prose inscribed in small writing over large expanses of paper. The paper ground has no lines, no borders. It is colored with dabs of paint – shades of blue, orange, yellow – that were made while the paper was wet, leaving pale traces, like halos in a spring rain. The composition, seemingly so slight, makes the whole page float in a deep, sightless space. That space is where I'd been, and where I need to go to be reminded of my new dimension of humanity."

Alexandra Munroe, Curator, Guggenheim Museum

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